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Toning Hair Mousse - Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Expert Mousse — photo N1
Toning Hair Mousse - Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Expert Mousse — photo N2
Toning Hair Mousse - Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Expert Mousse — photo 3-0 - Dark Brown Natural
Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA

Toning Hair Mousse Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Expert Mousse

£ 7.29
  3-0 - Dark Brown Natural
  4-68 - Medium Brown Chocolate Red
  5-0 - Light Brown Natural
  5-5 - Light Brown Gold
  7-0 - Medium Blonde Natural
  7-65 - Medium Blonde Chocolate Gold
  8-1 - Light Blonde Cendre
  8-77 - Light Blonde Coper Extra
  9.5-1 - Light Blonde Cendre
  9.5-4 - Light Blonde Beige
  9.5-12 - Platinum Blonde Beige
  9.5-55 - Light Blonde Gold Extra
product ID: 78467
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Age: 18+
Product Properties: coloration
When To Use: universal
Gender: for women
Classification: professional
Hair Type: all hair types
Country: Germany
Made in: Germany, Hungary
Volume: 100 ml
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  • Exactly what I needed.

  • Translated review

    Very good and fine-smelling colored foam. It fits the garments before you get a new color. It lasts like 2-3 days. Attention dyes your hands and it goes worse to wash. Apply with a glove, or a comb that you use when dyeing your hair.

  • Translated review

    I expected a better effect, but other than that I'm satisfied. I recommend

  • Translated review

    Great product, applied easily and quickly

  • Translated review

    Super effect on bright highlights. I've been using for years, hair has a pearl color (not purple). Pleasant smell, cool application, senile packaging for long.

  • Translated review

    Hair is smoothed, slippery and most importantly it does not fluff, but it is short-lived. I wash my hair every day so wanting the smoothing effect to be all the time, I use the product like conditioner after washing.

  • Translated review

    I wanted to make myself at the roots with a dark brown shade, I was the blonde level 9, nothing caught on the hair. No change.

  • Translated review

    I was a dyed brunette period and I used this product to blur the grown roots, it even had an effect! The problem is that it does not withstand many washes, but the good part is that it goes evenly after each wash. I advise you to use disposable gloves when applying the product because it stains. It is applied very easily due to the fact that it is foam, it does not flow, it is

    solid.Now I'm painted blond, I used this product for grown roots and the shade of blond does not have the same effect as the darker (for brunettes), probably because the shade is lighter it gets harder on hair face of a dark shade.

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