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Body Mist - Moira Cosmetics Amber Floral Body Mist — photo N1
Body Mist - Moira Cosmetics Amber Floral Body Mist — photo N2
Moira Cosmetics Body Care

Body Mist Moira Cosmetics Amber Floral Body Mist

product code : 573969
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Age: 18+
Product Properties: aromatization
When To Use: universal
Gender: for women
Classification: mass-market
Country: Turkey
Made in: Turkey

Are you familiar with Moira? The ancient Greek goddess, who could write an uninterrupted good fortune. Specialists of the brand of the same name are convinced that every woman writes her own story, and has the power to change and choose. Beauty rituals from Moira Cosmetics give you the opportunity to take a break from this constant process that requires attention and scrupulousness. Feel more empowered with Moira Cosmetics Amber Floral Body Mist, a scented body mist that envelops you in a magical scent of flowers and amber.

Benefits of Moira Cosmetics Amber Floral Body Mist:

- has a formula containing essential oils that create a unique aromatic effect;
- has softening and moisturizing properties, making the skin smooth and softer;
- energizes and refreshes;
- leaves a gentle scent on the body, which can be an alternative to perfumes;
- has a convenient dispenser;
- gives a feeling of peace.

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