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Indola Innova Texture

Texture Hair Spray Indola Innova Texture Spray

product code : 518886
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Age: 18+
Product Properties: fixation, styling
When To Use: universal
Gender: for women
Classification: professional
Hair Type: all hair types
Country: Germany
Made in: Germany

Texturizing hair spray is a product that is used in all salons and by all hair stylists. With its help you can give your strands the desired shape and fixate your hair for the whole day, without giving it any chance to ruin your look. German brand Indola specializes in professional products that provide stylists with easy work and clients with lasting results. Their texturizing hair spray has an excellent hold and is designed for long and medium-length hair. It easily sprays over the hair, fixating it while not looking greasy. The product takes care of the condition of your strands, so it can be used daily.
Benefits of Indola Innova Texture Spray:
- suitable for creating hairstyles of any complexity;
- does not stick the hair and does not weight it down;
- facilitates easy detangling, combing and styling;
- leaves no residues;
- keeps hair manageable and silky;
- medium hold.

How to use

Spray on dry hair, twist the hair strands and squeeze them a little with your hands. Dry your hair naturally or with a hair-dryer, as desired.

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