Henna Extract Hair Balm - Venita Henna Color — photo N1
Henna Extract Hair Balm - Venita Henna Color — photo N2
Henna Extract Hair Balm - Venita Henna Color — photo N3
Henna Extract Hair Balm - Venita Henna Color — photo 2 - Amber
VenitaHair Dye
Henna Extract Hair Balm
Venita Henna Color
 2 - Amber
 3 - Fiery Orange
 4 - Henna
 5 - Paprika
 6 - Titian
 7 - Copper
 8 - Ruby
 11 - Burgundy
 12 - Cherry
 13 - Hazelnut
 15 - Brown
 17 - Aubergine
 18 - Black Cherry
 19 - Black Chocolate
 111 - Natural Blond
 112 - Dark Blonde
 113 - Light Brown
 114 - Gold Brown
 115 - Chocolate
 116 - Fiery Gleam
product code : 323409
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Age: 18+
Product Properties: coloration, tinting
When To Use: universal
Gender: for women
Classification: natural
Hair Type: all hair types
Made in: Poland
Volume: 75 ml

Henna Extract Hair Balm - Venita Henna Color

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  • Purchase confirmed

    I am really happy about my products I have used it before and I know that for my hair they are the best it smdoes nod demage my hais and couloring is perfectly fin thanks

  • Translated review

    I am 46 years old and inevitable white hair. I am allergic and by now the tinctures only bother me given the frequency with which I have to do them again. I've been waiting to try this product to say it's OVERY. Comb and Wash your hair with a non-aggressive shampoo. Dab them combed and divide them into strands and spread the balm on the whites. Cover a towel with film or a plastic cap and wait for 60'. Colours great. It also lasts 4 shampoos (delicate) and after it does not runny, does not stain, does not irritate your scalp. For me a revolution. I'll take more in other (kindred) colorations. Very happy.

  • Translated review

    I was intrigued to read that it is ammonia-free and also colors white hair. Washed your head and put product x 45 minutes (I have several white hair) I was stunned at the beautiful result! I stocked up with three boxes and took black brown I no longer do the dye because in addition to last it leaves the hair super soft, there is no need for conditioner! That you want more than that

  • Translated review

    It worked to me, a good alternative to dye, just to give back a little color without damaging the hair, which leaves them soft and shiny. I applied it with dry hair and it was fine. I take it back... Thank you

  • Translated review

    Just bought, today I tried it immediately, I was curious because reading the inci I thought it was a great product at a good price. I had confirmation, covers white hair (remember to keep it 40 minutes though) though I read that it doesn't last long, and leaves hair soft and shiny. We'll see at the next wash how he performs. But even it should last less than chemical and aggressive tints, it doesn't matter, the price is so honest and the good product that doing it more often will be a pleasure.

  • Translated review


  • Translated review

    The best balm with reddish shades. Maximum satisfaction. I ordered from every shade of redhead. All of them are beautiful

  • Translated review

    Bought because I was intrigued in its practicality, it was an excellent discovery!
    Apply after the washed hair like a normal conditioner and leave it for half an hour, the result satisfied me totally! It brightened up my already reddish reflections and better even out the hair color. I used the tube in two times because I have a medium length cut. Fantastic value price ratio!

  • Translated review

    I am very satisfied

  • Translated review

    I read about people very satisfied with this product, I must say that I did not find it particularly satisfying: it does its job absolutely, but it goes away at the first wash.

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