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Kallos Cosmetics KJMN Biotin

Hair Growth Shampoo Kallos Cosmetics Biotin Beautifying Shampoo

£ 3.12
1000 ml
product ID: 282841
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Age: 18+
Product Properties: cleansing, for hair growth, repair
When To Use: universal
Gender: for women
Classification: professional
Hair Type: all hair types
Country: Hungary
Made in: Hungary
Volume: 1000 ml

Every woman cares about the health and beauty of her hair, no matter how long. But not everyone is blessed by nature with thick, shiny hair, so it is necessary to correct the state of affairs with the help of high-quality cosmetics. Kallos Cosmetics Biotin Beautifying Shampoo will help you with that! 

Benefits of Kallos Cosmetics Biotin Beautifying Shampoo: 

- suitable for all hair types; 
- deeply cleanses from impurities and styling residues; 
- enriched with vitamins that effectively restore and strengthen hair; 
- prevents hair loss and breakage; 
- promotes natural root volume; 
- boosts a healthy shine; 
- has a pleasant citrus aroma. 

How to use

Apply with massaging motions on wet and clean hair, and rinse thoroughly with water. 

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  • Purchase confirmed

    Love this shampoo! Combined with the hair mask it's made a massive change to my hair loss. Smells lovely, fresh and lemony, and leaves my hair feeling great.

  • Translated review

    This product is similar to Alterna Caviar shampoo, both its fragrance and effect. The hair combs beautifully and is pretty soft.

  • Purchase confirmed
    Translated review

    I already use a second pack of it. I am very pleased - well washes and makes great hair

  • Translated review

    Wonderful shampoo. I'm very pleased.

  • Translated review

    For me utter topka:) I've been looking for some ideally hair product for a long time, and I'm really not enough of a comment type - beautiful smells, hair soft, for everyone has hair completely different, so I hope this long comment of mine helps some miss, lady who has the same problem that I had.

    I suffered from hair loss, I had it very dry and damaged, half a year back there was an itch of skin, dandruff and defakto after one day I had hair at the roots really greasy. I was looking for and looking for my grail to save me. I started my hair vitamins - I bought biotin from walmark/fish oil, and this shampoo combined with the mask of the same name - I use for a month and a half. The hair is beautiful shiny, soft and reclaimed, full of strength and life.
    I no longer suffer from dandruff, and hair loss also eased - a friend himself noticed:)
    Already after the first washing the hair was “different”.
    I recommend that you buy even more liquid keratin on the ends of your hair for an even more intense effect.
    I still allow myself to mention that the hair after a month of using this product is like to go crazy - on my head I have a lot of small baby hair, not to mention the length! After such a short time, I'm seeing a lot faster growth! :)
    So for me the ideal price for a really great result!! I certainly won't buy anything else anymore:)

  • Translated review

    Smells beautiful, fast delivery time.

  • Translated review

    I am very pleased!

  • Translated review

    I had my hair soft after the first wash and I didn't have it so dry. I recommend..

  • Translated review

    Very good product works wonders with hair

  • Translated review

    Everything occurred in complete order. Quality products. Fast delivery

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