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Hair Ties, 4 pcs - Bellody Kids Edition Cool Princess — photo N1
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Hair Ties, 4 pcs Bellody Kids Edition Cool Princess

product ID: 667262
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Age: 3+
When To Use: universal
Gender: for girls
Classification: mass-market
Country: Germany
Made in: China

Thanks to the proven ribbed structure, the Kids Edition hair bands also provide a strong hold without no pressure on the scalp and strands, while being gentle on the hairstyle and preventing tangles. Draw common attention to your trendy hairstyle with these stylish and colorful hairband combinations.

The smaller diameter of the Bellody Kids Edition elastic bands would be just right for children.

Whether it's a small gift with no special purpose or a reward for good grades at school, Bellody Kids Edition always puts kids in a great mood with its bright colors and appealing designed packaging.

How to use

Use as directed.

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