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Acid Nail Primer
Sincero Salon Acid Primer
15 ml
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Age: 18+
Volume: 15 ml
Classification: professional
Country: Poland
Made in: Poland

Sincero Acid Primer is the perfect base for creating a chic manicure even on the shortest nail plates. It forms a strong bond between the nail and artificial material, so it is perfect for working with acrylic and gel. The product enhances the durability of manicure wear and makes coating more resistant to mechanical stress, keeping your nails well-groomed and beautiful for a long time.

Benefits of Sincero Salon Acid Primer:

- ideal for creating a manicure on short nails;
- provides good adhesion of material to natural nails;
- simplifies the application of gel polish or acrylic;
- provides excellent durability of the coating;
- does not damage cuticles and nail plates;
- does not change the shade of gel polish;
- masks ridges and visible imperfections;
- helps to create the perfect nail shape;
- evens out the texture of nails.

How to use

Apply a small amount to a well-prepared nail plate and wait until complete absorption.

Acid Nail Primer - Sincero Salon Acid Primer

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