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Moisturizing Lip Gloss - Lumene Luminous Moisture Lip Color — photo N1
Moisturizing Lip Gloss - Lumene Luminous Moisture Lip Color — photo 101 - Rose Oat
Lumene Luminous Moisture Lip Color
Moisturizing Lip Gloss
 101 - Rose Oat
 103 - Heather
 104 - Cranberry
 105 - Lingonberry
 106 - Rowanberry
 107 - Wild Rose
 108 - Rosebay
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Age: 18+
Volume: 5 ml
Classification: mass-market
Country: Finland
Made in: Finland

Natural northern beauty is the main symbol in the philosophy of the Lumene brand, named after the beautiful, majestic lake with clear water. At the heart of all cosmetics from the brand are extracts of arctic plants with a high concentration of beneficial nutrients. Luminous Moisture Lip Color is a luxurious product for creating beautiful, glossy lip makeup.

Benefits of Lumene Luminous Moisture Lip Color:

- covers the lips with a beautiful, juicy color;
- available in diverse shades inspired by wild berries and flowers;
- contains Oat and berries oils, which soften the skin;
- does not rub off, spread, or settle into the corners;
- prevent the appearance of dryness and flaking;
- guarantees long-lasting makeup performance;
- provides maximum hydration and skin care;
- has a convenient heart-shaped applicator;
- ensures effortless and even application;
- has a pleasant, non-sticky texture;
- features a vegan formula.

How to use

Apply on the lips, gliding smoothly from the center to the corners. For maximum effect, apply a double layer in the center.

Moisturizing Lip Gloss - Lumene Luminous Moisture Lip Color

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