Hair Brush 9009, black-gray - Donegal — photo N1
Hair Brush 9009, black-gray
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Age: 18+
When To Use: universal
Gender: for women
Classification: mass-market
Country: Poland
Made in: Poland

The look of your curls depends on many factors, including the tools you use when brushing or styling. Hairbrush 9009 from the Polish brand Donegal is ideal for daily use. The special design of the teeth ensures a gentle massage effect on the scalp, which improves microcirculation and, as a result, accelerates hair growth.

Benefits of the Donegal 9009 Hair Comb:

- suitable for combing of dry and wet hair;
- gently unravels even the most disobedient curls;
- does not scratch the scalp;
- strong teeth do not damage the structure of the strands;
- has an ergonomic handle;
- fits comfortably in the hand and does not slip;
- does not cause painful or uncomfortable sensations;
- easy to clean;
- provides an antistatic effect.

How to use

Used for combing, cutting, cold and hot styling.

Hair Brush 9009, black-gray - Donegal

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