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Ados Lipstick
Argan Oil Lipstick
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Age: 18+
Volume: 4.2 g
Classification: mass-market
Country: Poland
Made in: Poland

Ados Lipstick with Argan Oil gives a rich color and delicate care for thin and delicate skin. The active ingredient known as "Moroccan Gold" moisturizes, softens and prevents moisture loss, so the skin on the lips becomes soft and smooth. Refined shades allow you to choose the perfect option for your color type or mood! Juicy color and a dose of moisturizing - a great combination for every day and a perfect accent in a luxurious make-up!

Benefits of Ados Lipstick:

- gives a feeling of comfort;
- softens and regenerates the epidermis;
- saturates the thin skin of the lips with moisturizing ingredients;
- has a creamy delicate texture, that lays down easily and evenly;
- provides an excellent durability without loss of color saturation;
- presented in rich palette of beautiful shades;
- contains Argan Oil.

How to use

First, draw the line of the lips, then, slightly rotating the tube body, bring the tip of the lipstick 15 mm from the edge of the tube body, apply the lipstick to the lips and distribute it evenly over the surface of both lips.

Argan Oil Lipstick - Ados Lipstick

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