Jade Facial Massage Roller, green - Lewer — photo N1
Jade Facial Massage Roller, green
product code : 529884
Out of stock
Age: 18+
When To Use: universal
Gender: for women
Classification: mass-market
Made in: Poland

Jade Facial Massage Roller, green - Lewer

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  • Translated review

    fine roller for super price. works as it should, stone is completely smooth, spins well. Too bad throwing away money for other firms' overpriced rollers when this one fulfills purpose exactly as well.

  • Translated review

    It's almost neda verit for tech par crowns. That's cool. I'm not sure about the luggage, but it's pretty cool and is very good.

  • Translated review

    Excellent roller at an absolutely incredible price. I love makeup, I literally depend on it

  • Translated review

    I like it very much.. and arrived as in the pictures..

    When I use.. it has the feeling freshness

  • Translated review

    Very pleasant and cheap:) I definitely recommend

  • Translated review

    For so long I wanted to try a massage roller for the face after seeing it in many beauty videos!
    Wonderful price for an equally fantastic product, right heaviness, always cold to reactivate circulation. It is found in my favorite products!

  • Translated review

    Roller came to me with the smaller one not holding (but nothing to fix the melting gun). The face is pleasant, it doesn't chop, it's really stony. Ratio price performance incredible, at this price is surprisingly good.

  • Translated review

    Roller really great I use it to lay out the serious and the masks in fabric is also beautiful the feeling it causes on the skin! Very good purchase very satisfied

Free delivery on all orders ! 100% authentic products! Jade Facial Massage Roller, green - Lewer
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