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Lambre Anti Redness Corrector Anti-Redness Corrector

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Age: 18+
Classification: mass-market
Country: France
Made in: France

Lambre Green Concealer is a high-quality product, that harmoniously combines the properties of cosmetic and care products. The concealer will not only help to mask redness, but will also have a powerful strengthening effect, protecting the vessels from damages.

Benefits of Lambre Anti Redness Corrector:

- evens out the shade of the skin;
- helps to strengthen the capillaries;
- can be used to mask acne and pimples;
- provides an anti-inflammatory effect;
- reduces the severity of the vascular network;
- does not create a mask effect, but perfectly conceals redness;
- has a light consistency, evenly distributed over the skin;
- has a convenient applicator for spot application of the corrector.

How to use

Masking the vessels separately - if you have a lot of them, use a liquid concealer (preferably green), you can easily distribute it over the skin.
Masking acne pointwise - mask only the redness around the pimple. If you try to mask a larger area, you will draw attention to it and only highlight the problem.

Apply the corrector to problem areas (dark circles around the eyes, corners of the eyes, nasolabial folds, wrinkles around the mouth), then blend with fingertips.

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