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Highlighter - Pixie Cosmetics Dust Of Illumination — photo N1
Highlighter - Pixie Cosmetics Dust Of Illumination — photo Gold Rush
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Pixie Cosmetics Dust Of Illumination
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Age: 18+
Volume: 4.5 g
Classification: natural
Country: Poland
Made in: Poland

When creating makeup, it is important to correctly select cosmetics, so that it allows you to achieve the desired effect and at the same time is delicate in relation to the skin. One of the important products for creating beautiful makeup will be a good highlighter, with which you can successfully place accents, highlighting the advantages and hiding the disadvantages of the face. The professionals of the Polish brand Pixie Cosmetics have created a highlighter, that will harmoniously fit into the arsenal of cosmetics of both a professional and a simple user.
Benefits of Pixie Cosmetics Dust Of Illumination:

- makes makeup light and fresh;
- includes rare minerals from the silicate group - Lepidolite;
- accentuates the cheekbones and creates a beautiful natural glow;
- suitable for sensitive skin;
- has a natural composition;
- passed all the necessary dermatological tests.

How to use

Apply the highlighter to the highest points of the cheekbones - this will give them expressiveness and seductive shine, a lifting visual effect. Apply the highlighter to the under-eye bones to freshen up your face and also remove dark circles under the eyes. When applied to the nose, you can adjust the shape as needed. Inner corners of the eye or bridge of the nose - visually corrects the shape of the eyes, enlarging them. Under and above the eyebrow - optically raises the eyebrows, corrects their shape. Makes the forehead higher, gives the face a relief. Above the center of the upper lip - visually adds volume to the lips. Chin - allows you to visually stretch the oval of the face.

Highlighter - Pixie Cosmetics Dust Of Illumination

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