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Nail Powder - My Neon Dust — photo N1
Nail Powder - My Neon Dust — photo Pink
MylaQ Ongles

Nail Powder My Neon Dust

£ 2.26
product ID: 524920
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Age: 18+
Volume: 2 g
Classification: mass-market
Country: Poland
Made in: Poland

A striking design in manicure is a sign of inner freedom, self-confidence and constant stay in an equally “bright” mood. The professionals of the Polish brand MylaQ have created an excellent nail powder, that will become an expressive accent of your image. It is pleasant and easy to work with, so not only a professional, but also a beginner will easily cope with the task!

Benefits of MylaQ My Neon Dust:

- has a loose texture;
- has a richly pigmented, neon shade;
- suitable for the formation of an ombre or smoke effect;
- can be easily combined with any bases, tops and gel polishes;
- can be easily combined with other shades, creating interesting transitions;
- can be applied both to the entire surface of the nail, and to individual patterns.

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