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Foreo Iris

Eye Massager Foreo Iris Eye Massager Black

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Age: 25+
When To Use: universal
Gender: unisex
Classification: elite
Country: Sweden
Made in: China

The sensitive skin around the eyes requires not only a regular care, quality products, but also professional, practical tools. With the Iris Eye Massager, designed by popular brand Foreo, you can carefully and delicately take care of this area, even at home. Massager Magenta is a unique attribute, the mechanical action of which stimulates the rapid penetration of active ingredients into the deepest layers of the dermis.

Benefits of Foreo Iris Eye Massager Magenta:

- delicately removes redness and swelling;
- effectively removes expression lines and wrinkles;
- flawlessly recreates the benefits of manual massage;
- prevents the appearance of the first signs of aging of the skin;
- Alternating T-Sonic ™ Iris technology effectively removes dark circles under the eyes;
- no harmful chemical elements in the composition - Bisphenol A and Phthalates;
- made of high quality ultra-soft silicone;
- has a comfortable curved shape and stylish, colorful design;
- waterproof product - can be washed and cleaned regularly;
- equipped with two modes of intensity of movements - Pure and Spa.

How to use

- Using your fingertips, apply cream or serum to the skin around the eyes;
- Switch on your Iris by pressing once on the central button of the device;
- Select the desired Iris operating mode. You can adjust the intensity of the Pure and Spa modes on your device using the + or – buttons.

Apply the device to the area around the eyes, moving from the center to the outside, above and below the eye, as well as to the area between the eyebrows. Hold the device in one place for a few seconds, then transfer to the next area. Use the device for 30 seconds on one side of your face and 30 seconds on the other. After 1 minute has elapsed, the procedure can be completed.

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