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The Body Shop Coconut

Coconut Lip Butter The Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter

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Age: 18+
Product Properties: moisturizing, nourishment, softening
When To Use: universal
Gender: for women
Classification: natural
Skin Type: dry
Country: Great Britain
Made in: Thailand

Lip butter provides delicate and thin skin with enhanced nourishment and hydration. It significantly strengthens the protective barrier of the skin, making the lips more elastic and plump. Coconut Lip Butter by The Body Shop is based on cold-pressed Coconut oil. Therefore, it has preserved all its beneficial properties. The butter takes little space in your purse, so you can take care of the beauty and health of your lips, wherever you are.

Benefits of The Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter:

- natural unrefined Coconut butter;
- intensively nourishes the skin of the lips;
- makes the lips silky-soft and subtle;
- provides an antioxidant effect;
- slows down the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria;
- reduces the risks of various infections;
- smoothes creases and evens out skin texture;
- heals wounds and cracks, preventing their reappearance;
- ensures quick and effortless absorption;
- does not leave a sticky residue;
- works well as a lipstick base.

How to use

Apply on the lips in circular massage motions.

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