Set - LaQ (bath/bomb/110g + sh/gel/300ml + foam/250ml) — photo N1
LaQBody Care
LaQ (bath/bomb/110g + sh/gel/300ml + foam/250ml)
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Age: 18+
Product Properties: cleansing, moisturizing, softening
When To Use: universal
Gender: for women
Classification: natural
Made in: Poland

Set contains: LaQ Bath Bomb "Surprise", 110 g + LaQ Moisturizing Shower Gel, 300 ml + LaQ Cleansing Foam, 250 ml.

Pamper your skin with gentle treatment using the LaQ set. The formulas of the products are based on natural ingredients, including Urea, vitamin B3, Rice milk, Almond and Olive oils, Shea butter, Allantoin, and Panthenol. These active ingredients help to gently remove impurities and excess sebum, as well as hydrate the skin and retain moisture in it. The products are suitable for all skin types.

LaQ Bath Bomb "Surprise"

- promotes relaxation;
- relieves stress and fatigue;
- has moisturizing, nourishing, and smoothing properties;
- removes toxins and waste;
- prevents dehydration and flaking.

LaQ Moisturizing Shower Gel

- cleanses the skin, removing excess sebum and impurities;
- does not cause dryness or tightness;
- keeps the skin clean and fresh;
- stimulates regeneration processes;
- produces a rich lather;
- suitable for daily use.

LaQ Cleansing Foam

- provides a soothing effect;
- supplies the skin with vitamins and antioxidants;
- brings softness and smoothness to the skin;
- strengthens the natural skin barrier;
- promotes the healing of wounds;
- nourishes the deeper layers of the skin.

How to use

LaQ Bath Bomb "Surprise"

Fill the bathtub with warm water (36-40ºC), then drop the bath bomb in, and wait for it to dissolve. Soak for 15-20 minutes.

LaQ Moisturizing Shower Gel

Apply to wet skin, lather up, and rinse out with water.

LaQ Cleansing Foam

Lather up and massage into wet skin. Rinse out with water.

Set - LaQ (bath/bomb/110g + sh/gel/300ml + foam/250ml)

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