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Lip Gloss - Korres Morello Voluminous Lip Gloss — photo N1
Lip Gloss - Korres Morello Voluminous Lip Gloss — photo N2
Korres Lip

Korres Morello Voluminous Lip Gloss Lip Gloss

product code : 496784
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Age: 18+
Classification: natural
Country: Greece
Made in: Greece

With beauty products from the Korres brand, you can confidently create the most incredible look. Do you want to bathe everyone around in beautiful and delightful shine? Then it is worth betting on this lip gloss, which is deservedly classified as elite. It proves its worth, creating the most delicate coating with a very unique composition beneficial for sensitive lips.

Benefits of Korres Morello Voluminous Lip Gloss:

- provides rich pigmentation and excellent durability;
- creates bright long-lasting shine;
- has a pleasant creamy texture;
- equipped with a special brand brush;
- ensures an effortless application;
- contains hyaluronic acid;
- fills lips with precious moisture;
- protects from dryness;
- contains the unique Morello cherry oil;
- provides an emollient effect;
- has a pleasant scent;
- provides an attractive shine.

How to use

Apply the required amount of gloss to the surface of the lips and distribute evenly. Gloss can also be applied over lipstick for extra shine.

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