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Hair & Body Spray Londa Professional Multi Play Hair & Body Spray

product code : 492522
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Age: 18+
Product Properties: moisturizing, softening, styling
When To Use: universal
Gender: unisex
Classification: professional
Hair Type: all hair types
Country: Germany
Made in: Germany

Londa Professional Hair & Body Spray is a versatile product that can provide hair and skin with reliable UV protection, fast replenishment with beneficial ingredients and vital moisture. Due to the balanced formula, the product helps to prevent sunburn and skin ageing. The active ingredients also protect the hair from loss of shine and dryness. Londa Professional Multi Play Hair & Body Spray is a practical option for city dwellers and all those who relax in nature or the seashore.

Benefits of Londa Professional Multi Play Hair & Body Spray:

- suitable for all hair and skin types.
- Vitamin E and Argan Oil revitalize, rejuvenate and protect against the negative effects of free radicals and UV rays;
- makes hair look lush and smooth;
- prolongs hydration and prevents hair loss;
- has a pleasant, delicate scent;
- does not weigh the hair down;
- does not leave an unpleasant stickiness or other residues.

How to use

Hair. Spray the product evenly over the length of the hair, keeping the bottle 30 cm away.

Skin. Spray onto the skin and help absorb with gentle massaging movements.

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