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Salvequick Foot Care

Blister & Scratch Patches, mix Salvequick Foot Care

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10 pcs.
product code : 491029
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Age: 18+
When To Use: universal
Gender: for women
Classification: healing
Country: Sweden
Made in: Sweden
Volume: 10 pcs.

Even nice and stylish shoes can cause inconvenience and the likelihood of blisters or scratches. Transparent patches by Salvequick can save you. They are made of high-quality material — Hydrocolloid, which allows only part of the moisture to penetrate beneath and maintains an optimal environment for healing the damaged area. The patches are ideal to quickly relieve calluses, irritations, blisters after wearing uncomfortable shoes. The compact size of the package makes it possible to take products with you so that you feel comfortable under any circumstances.
Benefits of Salvequick Foot Car Patches:
- made of hydrocolloid material;
- forms a protective cushion against pressure and rubbing;
- prevents the appearance of blisters and scratches;
- accelerates the healing of existing wounds;
- reduces the risk of scarring;
- imperceptible on the skin;
- allows the skin to breathe;
- repels water and dirt;
- stimulates the rapid healing of wounds and microcracks;
- does not slip or come off;
- resists moisture or sweat;
- medium size patches fit heels;
- small patches can be applied to the toes;
- one package contains 10 patches.

How to use

Apply the patch to the desired area of the skin.

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