Lip Pencil - Vipera Professional Lip Pencil — photo N1
Lip Pencil - Vipera Professional Lip Pencil — photo 03 - Tea Rose
Vipera Professional Lip Pencil
Lip Pencil
 03 - Tea Rose
 05 - Prime
 07 - Sangria
 08 - Garnet
 09 - Rosewood
 10 - Chilli
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Age: 18+
Volume: 1 g
Classification: mass-market
Country: Poland
Made in: Poland

A large palette of rich, beautiful shades for a variety of looks, a delicate creamy texture, that can be quickly and accurately applied to the contour of the lips and over their entire surface, a durable wooden body - the Professional Lip Pencil immediately shows its best sides. We are sure, that you will make this lip liner your favorite. The product was created by the popular Polish brand Vipera to become a small decorative magic wand. It will not allow lipstick or gloss to blur, and will preserve their durability for a long time - this is an important detail, when creating the image of an attractive well-groomed woman.

Benefits of Vipera Professional Lip Pencil:

- has a soft texture with an intensely pigmented formula:
- easily applied and shaded;

- does not require additional layering;
- guarantees an even coverage and long-lasting durability;
- does not dry out the sensitive skin of the lips;

- does not scratch or irritate the skin, does not leave streaks;
- a snug fitting cap keeps the stem elastic, ready to use.

How to use

Apply the pencil along the contour of the lips, blend, if necessary, with a brush. For a longer lasting lipstick and color intensity, apply the pencil all over the lips.

Lip Pencil - Vipera Professional Lip Pencil

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