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Eco Hair Spray - Sanotint — photo 150 ml
Sanotint Styling

Eco Hair Spray Sanotint

£ 13.2
  150 ml
product code : 475335
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Age: 18+
Product Properties: fixation, styling
When To Use: universal
Gender: for women
Classification: natural
Hair Type: all hair types
Country: Italy
Made in: Italy
Volume: 150 ml

Do you like to take care of your hair beauty, but meanwhile care of ecology? Do you carefully choose products, that will not harm the environment and your health? Then complete your collection with a special Ecological Hairspray, designed by Sanotint. The natural formula of the product is enriched with plant extracts, that will help not only to create beautiful hair styling, but also make your strands much healthier for a long time!

Benefits of Sanotint Ecological Hairspray:

- provides an average hair fixation;
- adds additional volume to the curls;
- makes hair shiny and pliable;
- facilitates hair styling and combing processes;
- does not stick together and does not weigh down hairs;
- created on the basis of natural ingredients;
- without parabens, heavy metals, GMOs, synthetic dyes;
- has not been tested on animals;
- approved by dermatologists.

How to use

For slightly damp or dry hair. Spray on the roots of the hair or along the entire length from a distance of about 30 cm.

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