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Body Balm - Vis Plantis Helix Vital Care Nourishing Body Lotion — photo N1
Body Balm - Vis Plantis Helix Vital Care Nourishing Body Lotion — photo N2
Vis Plantis Helix Vital Care

Body Balm Vis Plantis Helix Vital Care Nourishing Body Lotion

product code : 389654
Out of stock
Age: 25+
Product Properties: moisturizing, repair
When To Use: universal
Gender: for women
Classification: natural
Country: Poland
Made in: Poland
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  • Translated review

    My favorite. Mega moisturizes and I have pretty dry skin. Admittedly, it's absorbed a moment, but it's not a problem for me The consistency resembles a blue balm from Nivea. It's efficient. Don't suggest yourself at the price that how cheap it's a shitty. Here we don't overpay for the brand;) I recommend!

  • Translated review

    After a week of application, I gave three stars, now I exact two more. ✌️ At my skin it absorbs a long time and leaves a greasy layer, but it's great after sunbathing. My purchase is certainly not going to end on one package.
    And as for the shipment, it's sorcies... He's already giving his opinion.. The shipment arrived quickly, smoothly solidly packed... I recommend...

  • Translated review

    Only used for a week. And I can't give five stars. But what I noticed is that there are pros and cons.
    Plus it's a big package, it's dense, efficient and beautiful smell, you can't smell it like that until after a while. The skin is smooth, there is no such flaky peel that is mostly on the elbows, with dry skin.
    And minus it is heavy to spread, although this can be dealt with, but unfortunately it leaves an oily layer, which lasts for a long time on the skin, does not absorb so quickly. Every man has a different skin, a body, maybe that's why one fits, the other doesn't. I give three stars, just because even after an hour of time from lubricating myself, I have a fat body. Where with dry skin should quickly absorb..

  • Translated review

    Great product, consistency dense so efficient, distributes well, and this beautiful smell...

  • Translated review

    Moisturizes great. It has a pleasant texture and a wonderful smell.

  • Translated review

    Cool lotion smells nice.

  • Translated review

    Very cool body lotion, smells pleasant and moisturizes your skin well. Shop I recommend.

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