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Roberto Cavalli Florence - Eau de Parfum — photo N1
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Roberto Cavalli Florence - Eau de Parfum — photo 30 ml
Roberto Cavalli Florence

Roberto Cavalli Florence Eau de Parfum

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  30 ml
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Release Date: 2017
Country: Italy
Made in: France
Gender: for women
Scent Type: amber, chypre
Top Note: Black Currant, Tangerine
Heart Note: Clementine Blossom, Hibiscus Seeds, Mandarin Tree Flowers
Base Note: Ambergris, Musk, Patchouli

A gorgeous, delicate, elegant perfume is an ideal accessory for a woman, which shows her excellent taste and emphasises her natural beauty. Fragrances are like clothes. You cannot use the same thing every day because it will lose its uniqueness and cease to bring the expected effect. Every woman needs a collection of fragrances with at least one noble chypre composition. Roberto Cavalli Florence Eau de Parfum is a luxurious choice that enchants from the first breath with its unique composition. 

The olfactory pyramid of Roberto Cavalli Florence Eau de Parfum: 

Top notes burst with the freshness of tangerine and delicious sweet and sour accords of black currant.  

Heart notes overflow with hibiscus seeds, clementine flowers and tangerine tree.  

Base notes blend the tempting musk, earthy patchouli and marine ambergris, forming a sensual trail. 

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  • Purchase confirmed

    Парфюм божественный, чувственный зимний вариант. Обожаю .

  • Translated review

    Beautiful fragrance, initially in the opening dense, intoxicating and sexy, later quiets, the projection falls, but still remains a smell full of sun and joy, with a sweet sound. I am smitten, these are perfumes that give me great pleasure.

  • Translated review

    Немного разочарована (мандарина гибискуса и пачули не слышно совсем, (я знаю как этмо пахнет) зато слышно ашно ам бру и другие насыщенные ароматы... Аромат стойкий, хорошо держится на волосах, и несмотря на то что не то что я ожидала;.. послевкусие остается иня иння ина тенсивная и сливочная для вечернего или для длительного хранения подойдёт.

  • Translated review

    A real warm and persistent jewel at a great price, highly recommended site!

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