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Dior Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming - Eau de Parfum — photo N1
Dior Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming - Eau de Parfum — photo N2
Dior Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

Dior Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Eau de Parfum

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Release Date: 2016
Country: France
Made in: France
Gender: for women
Scent Type: flower, fruit
Top Note: Black Currant, Pink Peppercorn, Pomegranate, Raspberry
Heart Note: May Rose, Peony
Base Note: White Musk

The exquisite Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Eau de Parfum from the famous French brand Christian Dior resembles a fragrant garden or a delicate flower pinned to a straw hat.

At the first touch to the skin, the fragrance reveals its juicy note of pomegranate, appetizing raspberries, spicy pink peppercorn, and aromatic black currants. At the heart of the composition is a spectacular duet of a lush Grasse rose and a charming peony. The trail of eau de parfum is represented by a languid, charming, and exciting note of white musk.

A graceful bottle with a flirty bow will be a real decoration for your dressing table, and the noble scent of Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming, reminiscent of an aromatic symphony, will be a stylish finishing touch to your look. The owner of the Christian Dior Eau de Parfum is a real lady, lusty, charming, and beautiful, like spring.

Top note: black currant, pink peppercorn, pomegranate, raspberry
Heart note: Grasse rose absolute, peony
Base note: white musk

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  • Translated review

    Divine smell I am in love with him

  • Translated review

    Beautiful perfume, very solid, similar to Si Armani, but only similar, have a character. It seems to me that for every season.

  • Translated review

    I love this perfume ❤️ I know that quality perfume is very expensive, which is why it is not always available to me. I'll watch the action in case I can get it again someday. ❤️

  • Translated review

    Beautiful perfume, perfect for spring- they are sweet, joyful and sparkling on the skin. I collect a ton of compliments for them

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